Metals Science Research and Consulting

by Dr. Stan T. Mandziej


  AMA’s research & consulting:


   Physical simulation of metallurgical

   processes, including:

   - weldability / welding HAZ,

   - testing of hot cracking susceptibility,

   - simulation of continuous casting,

   - testing of cold and warm formability,

   - thixoforming / semi-solid processing,

   - hot forming / grain-refining  processes,

   - thermal-mechanical treatment,

   - thermal and electro-thermal treatment.


"Transmission electron microscopy
is the only technique revealing
reasons of metals properties"
(Prof. F. Staub, Silesia Technical University,
Gliwice, Poland, 1963)

Recent publications:

“Physical simulation of thin slab continuous casting”, Mat Sci Forum, 2007.

“Thermomechanical processing for dual-phase microstructure” – 3TMP Conf, Padua 2008.

“Simulative accelerated creep test on Gleeble”, Mat Sci Forum, 2010.

“Simulation of evolution of dual-phase microstructure”, Mat Sci Forum, 2010.

“Accelerated microstructure transformation caused by thermal-mechanical fatigue”, Mat Sci Forum, 2012.

“Comparison of weld HAZ simulated microstructures of P22-grade steel (Part 1)”, IIW-Doc IIC-439-11 / IXC-1018-12 (2012).

“Manufacturing of nano-structured alloys by MaxStrain technique”, Proc COMAT 2012, Nov.21-22, Plzen, CR,157-163

“Evolution of Cr-Mo-V weld metal microstructure during creep testing, Part 2: P24 material”, Welding in the World, Le Soudage Dans Le Monde 55(5-6) · May 2013

“Severe plastic deformation of Al-alloys”, Proc. METAL 2013, May 15-17, Brno, CR.

“Accelerated creep test for repair welds in thermal power generation”, Proc. METAL 2013, May 15-17, Brno, CR.

“Microstructure and Creep Rupture of P92-grade weld metal”, Welding in the World, Le Soudage Dans Le Monde 55(5-6) · May 2013. 

“Microstructure and Remnant Creep Life of a Repair Weld”, Proc. JOM 2013, Helsingborg DK, June 2013.

Accelerated Creep Testing of New Creep-Resisting Weld Metals”, Welding in the World, Le Soudage Dans Le Monde 54(7-8) · July 2013.

Control of Microstructure by MaxStrain Device”, Materials Science Forum 762:55-61 · July 2013.

Past projects:

INCO-Copernicus “MicroAlu” (ERB IC15-CT96-0750): “Formability modeling of Al-base PM materials”.  

BE-4 Thematic Network “WAFAM” (ERB BRRT-CT98-5103): “Warm forging of advanced metal alloys and composites”.

5thFP EU project “AluSiForm” (G5RD-CT-2000-00341): “High Efficiency Forming Technology of Light Weight MMC Components for Automotive and Household Applications”; simulative study on tool-workpiece interaction, executed to optimize hot/warm forging of hypereutectic Al-26Si-8Ni composite.

5thFP EU project “SmartWeld” (G1RD-CT-2001-00490): “Intelligent Welding of Power Generation Components”; developer of a simulative accelerated creep test for reducing the creep testing time.

COST-517; "Cleaner Metals for Industrial Applications"; study on stress-relief embrittlement of HSLA steel weld metal.

COST-536; Alloy Development for Critical Components of Environmentally Friendly Power Plant”; Project NL2— “Application of simulative accelerated creep test to development of new creep resisting steels and weld metals”.

COST-538; “High Temperature Plant Lifetime Extension”, Project NL2: “Application of accelerated creep test to predicting lifetime and upgrading high temperature plants”.